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You found me for a reason. Most likely a referral from one of my clients or maybe you searched for an experienced, professional and reliable web business consultant. ;-)


  Jayson T. Coté  

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For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Jayson, a Web Business Consultant and known in the Open Source community as a Senior WordPress Developer.

I love helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups get their web presence up and running. I pay attention to detail and consider all aspects of your project in order to be aligned with your business requirements and goals.

With over 20 years working as an IT Officer, Business Owner, Strategist, Designer / Developer, Project Manager, Marketer and SEO Consultant, I have learned a few things... and have been honored to have contributed to my clients' success!

A 'good' consultant will help you build a 'good' business online. A 'great' consultant will help you build a 'great' business.

Send me an email, introduce yourself and give me some info about your project. I hope to hear from you soon.